Migrant workers

Date modified 5 February 2024

Mention “migrant workers” and people usually immediately associate this with problems, there is just a negative atmosphere surrounding it. Quite sad actually because they are hardworking people like you and me. We Dutch offer them a job and basically promise them a better future and yet we often end up in the same negative discussion.

Unjustified, or so we think. Nearly 800,000 people of non-Dutch descent work in the Netherlands and deserve to be treated decently. This applies to every living being, but that is a different discussion. We simply need each other desperately and if we see each other as equal colleagues instead of second-class citizens, then we have already made progress, right?

Of course, this equality also starts with the companies and employment agencies that have their best interests at heart. Good and safe housing, sound advice, providing confidence and, as far as possible, offering security with regard to a nice job where they can work for a longer period.

So? We embrace international employees and take good care of them, always!

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