Recruitment and selection

How does it work?

We would like to hear more about the culture of your company, the position you are looking for and what you expect from the new employee.

With this information at hand, we can prepare a vacancy together with you. Your corporate culture is important, in addition to the training and experience requirements. Naturally, we will show you in detail the possibilities that your company offers to its employees.

The search begins

Our network is then used in the search for the right candidate. Your vacancy will appear on this website. Candidates can respond by telephone, via the website or by e-mail.

We select the most suitable candidates and conduct an initial interview with them. We will then forward the curricula vitae of the best candidates, after which follow-up interviews will be held with you. Of course we will keep you informed of the latest developments throughout the entire process.

The perfect match!

Once the perfect match has been made through recruitment and selection, there are a number of options. The candidate can come to work for you on the basis of a temporary employment contract, but can be employed directly by you

It is good to get to know future colleagues and the workplace in advance.

Recruitment and selection, and after that?

After you have started a recruitment and selection process with us, the employee can come and work for you on the basis of a temporary employment contract. Later you can decide to hire your new employee yourself.

Help, my employee is sick!

A sick employee is an unpleasant situation. For the employee himself, but also for you. After all, it means hassle. Moreover, it requires knowledge to reduce absenteeism and manage illness.

We will keep you informed of your employee's recovery, within the legal rules. Will the disease last longer? We can then also arrange for a replacement.

I have a project

Perhaps you only need additional staff temporarily. In such cases it is usually clear how long such a period will last. Consider (seasonal) peaks in production, maternity leave or a specific project.

After the agreed period, the parties say goodbye to each other again.

Recruitment and selection

Anyone looking for really good professionals at both primary and secondary levels knows: they are difficult to find. The economy has been running at full speed for some time now and jobs are still becoming available. How do you find the right candidate? At Your Service makes it easy for you by taking over the entire recruitment and selection procedure. It offers you advantages:

Our labor market expertise and network are at your disposal.

You get the perfect match: the right employee in the right place…

...and spend less time searching for and screening candidates.

Once the perfect match has been made through recruitment and selection, there are a number of options. This way, the candidate can be employed by you, and we can guide him or her in drawing up the employment contract.

The other option is that the candidate is seconded to you via Tot Uw Dienst.

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